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Rafting – Grade 2

Rafting on our Grade 2 rivers is fun for the whole family to enjoy. Make your own fun with our qualified guides, take control of a raft, swim the rapids, find a rock to jump off, experience the waterfall in all its power, or simply sit back and enjoy the view, just remember if you splash expect to get splashed back!

**Please note that this is generally a group guided trip. That means that if river conditions allow there will be 1 raft guide for up to 12 customers in up to 3 rafts, so that means you get to control your own destiny...all under the careful supervision of the raft guide/s. If you would like a guide in your raft, please let us know at time of booking (additional charges may apply)

What do I need?                     

Swimsuit or shorts and top to wear under a wetsuit.
Old sneakers / runners (they will get wet)
Personnel medication e.g. inhalers


What if I cannot swim?         

No real problem. Wetsuits and life jackets are provided. A full briefing is given. Be cautious and tell your qualified guide how you feel about the water.



Allow for a half day. i.e. 3 – 4 hours

Medical Conditions:               

Please inform the trip leader prior to departure should you know of any medical condition that may affect your ability to complete the adventure


Age Limit:                                  

Suitable for 7 and up



Usually no problem - use a tie (e.g. a piece of string)



Bring yours along, or we can arrange photos for you.


Disclosure of Risk:                  

All customers will be asked to sign a disclosure of risk form stating that they understand all outdoor activities have an element of risk.


Extremely important:            

We reserve the right to change the itinerary if weather conditions or river levels necessitate.


River Grading:                         

Grade 2

Rapids have regular, medium sized waves (less than 1 metre), low ledges or drops, easy eddies and gradual bends. The passage is easy to recognise and is generally unobstructed although there may be rocks in the main current, overhanging branches or log jams.

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