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The Best way to see the Kapiti Coast

We've come up with two adventurous journeys by using the best the local terrain has to offer, you'll get some awesome views of the coast, inland hills and rivers.

Day 1:

Option 1 - Walk the Pukeatua track from the back of Waikanae to Otaki Forks (approx 6 hours) and all you need is a day bag.  We drive the rest of your gear around for you.  Then your choice of camping at Otaki Forks campground (tents provided) or at Parawai Lodge (a DoC Hut)

Option 2 - Walk from Waitohu Quarry (inland from Otaki) and walk up and over Taungata and back to our River base (approx 4 hours).  Overnight options include camping (tents provided), a local Scout lodge or a fancier Lodge right next door to our River base.

For both options day 2 and 3 are the same.

Day 2: White water raft from Otaki Forks to at least State Highway 1 bridge, and if weather and river conditions allow right out to the coast.

Overnight options include the local Surf club or a local motel.

Day 3: Mountain bike on the local cycle tracks south as far as you can manage.  Most groups get to at least Raumati Beach, but for the more adventurous you can get to Paekakariki without ever going on the state highway.

Pricing varies depending on which option you take, number of people in your group (up to 30), accommodation and catering options you choose.

**Moderate fitness is required as you will cover approximately 100km in 3 days (2 days of those your sitting down though...)

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